What is a “Yellow Card?”

A Yellow Card holds your record of the immunizations that you have received from infancy to adulthood. It is a bright yellow tri-fold card usually kept in a clear plastic sleeve. It is very important for each person to have copy of his/her immunization record. The Yellow Card is an easy way to keep this record.

All newborns in Grey and Bruce are sent home from the hospital with a Yellow Card. If you do not have one, they are available at medical offices or at the Public Health Unit.

There are many situations in which children or adults may need to show their immunization record. These include starting daycare or kindergarten (see The Law – Children Attending Daycare or School Students), moving to a new school, summer camp, and attending college or university. Different types of volunteer work may also require you to show your immunization record. It is also important to know your immunization history if you are being seen in the Emergency Room, getting booster shots, or if you are planning a vacation. Having your record will prevent you from getting unnecessary vaccinations.

Keep your Yellow Card in a safe place. It is important to be able to access your immunization record at any time.  Unfortunately, there have been numerous examples of people not keeping a copy of their immunization record when their doctor’s office closes. Then, when faced with a situation where they need their immunization record, they are either unable to locate it or had to pay a fee to release their record from a medical records storage facility.

Should you misplace your immunization record, contact Public Health. We may have the information, provided it was previously submitted to us.

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