*As of Monday, December 20, 2021 – All Ontarians 18+ Eligible for COVID-19 Booster Appointments at Three-Month Interval

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*GBHU does not supply COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kits – we do not keep an up to date list of vendors or locations where public can access these tests, as information changes frequently. Please visit: I think I have COVID-19 What do I do? (publichealthgreybruce.on.ca) for more information.

*Ontario:A plan to safely reopen Ontario and manage COVID-19 for the long-term

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* Sexual health clinics are closed temporarily. If you need birth control prescriptions or STI testing, go to nearest emergency room. For condoms, visit our office during regular hours.

I think I have COVID-19.  What do I do?  COVID-19 Testing, Testing Positive and Contacts


**If you are very ill, having difficulty breathing or need medical help right away, go to the nearest emergency department or call 9-1-1.** Do not call 911, unless it is an emergency.


If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, isolate yourself within the home and use the self-assessment tool for a recommendation on what to do next.

Have questions about your health? You can call:

  • Your healthcare provider.
  • Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000


Visit Ontario’s What to do if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 page.

The COVID-19 self-assessment tool can also tell you what to do next. Take it for yourself or on behalf of someone else and receive recommendations on what to do if you’ve been exposed.

Take the COVID-19 self-assessment

If you test positive on a rapid antigen test, you do not need to book a PCR test to confirm your results. Please do not call Public Health to report Rapid Test results.


Assume that you have COVID-19 and are contagious. You and your household must isolate regardless of vaccination status. Isolate with your household immediately for at least five days if you are fully vaccinated or for 10 days if you are not fully vaccinated or immunocompromised. Inform your close contacts.

Learn more: Ontario.ca/exposed


Self-monitor means that you should monitor for symptoms of COVID-19. If you develop symptoms, self isolate.


How to self-monitor (Public Health Ontario).

Self-isolation is for anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 or anyone who has been instructed to separate yourself from others to help prevent the spread of the virus. Self-isolation when you are sick means that you do not leave your home unless absolutely necessary, such as to see medical care or get tested.

  • Stay in your home
  • Seek services over the phone or online and ask for help from others if needed.
  • Order grocery or pharmacy delivery or have a friend, family member or neighbour deliver them (register at www.thedo.ca for volunteer help or call 211)
  • Open a window for fresh air
  • Use the phone or internet to connect with family or friends

What not to do while self-isolating:

  • No visitors (only those essential and for medical reasons)
  • No grocery shopping in the store
  • No going to work or other activities
  • No going for a walk outside
  • Do not use public transportation, taxis or rideshares




Take the COVID-19 self-assessment online to help determine how to seek further care and next steps. You can also call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000. Do not call 911 unless it is an emergency.


Physical Activity and Self-Isolation 

While in self-isolation, it is still just as important as ever to keep physically active for maintaining both physical and mental well-being. There are plenty of physical activities that can be done around the home, like online exercise classes, stair stepping and cleaning.


WHO – Stay Physically Active During Quarantine

Active for Life – 200 Activities You Can do with Kids at Home

Exercises at the Kitchen Sink

Adding movement to your at-home routine (parachute.ca)

Tips for caregivers to help seniors stay active (parachute.ca).

Results for those tested for COVID-19 are available through a provincial online portal. You will need a photo health card and personal details to log in.

If you cannot access test results through the provincial portal, please contact the testing location, or your healthcare provider for assistance.

A close contact is anyone you were less than two metres away from for at least 15 minutes, or multiple shorter lengths of time, without personal protective equipment in the 48 hours before your symptoms began or your positive test result, whichever came first.

Testing for clearance is generally not recommended as test results may remain positive after the individual is no longer infectious. As long as the symptomatic or positive individual has completed the 5 or 10 days (as applicable to their vaccine and immune status), and their symptoms have been improving for at least 24 hours, they may discontinue self-isolation. It is important that they maintain masking, physical distancing and adherence to all other public health measures if leaving home.


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