COVID-19 public health measures & advice

What to do if exposed to COVID-19?

The GB Works - Needle Syringe Program site at the Grey Bruce Health Unit is now open.

*Please note: Sexual health clinics are temporarily closed. For condoms, visit our office during regular hours. If you need birth control prescriptions or STI testing, go to the nearest emergency room. 

Congregate Settings


Visit the Ministry of Health – Guidance for the Health Sector website for:

  • case definition
  • health sector resources (guidance for acute care; community labs; community pharmacies; consumption and treatment services; home and community providers; hospice care; independent health facilities; labour, delivery and newborn care; mental health and addiction service providers; paramedic services; primary care providers; and immunization services).
  • long-term care home/retirement homes resources
  • symptoms, screening, and testing resources
  • case and contact management resources
  • mental health resources
  • guidance for other sectors

Ministry of Health COVID-19 Guidance: Congregate Living for Vulnerable Populations

Visit the Ministry of Health – COVID-19 Orders, Directives, Memorandums and Other Resources website for updated directives for:

  • health care providers
  • health care entities
  • regulated health professionals
  • long-term care homes
  • ambulance services and paramedics
  • hospitals

For information on COVID-19 Vaccines, please visit the COVID-19 Vaccines webpage.


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