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Vaccinations Protect Everyone

Vaccinations Protect Everyone

When kids are vaccinated, it doesn't only protect them, it protects those around them – especially babies under two, who are at high risk of catching diseases.

This Election...

While climate change, or global warming, has been a contested idea in the scientific and public realms, international scientific organizations agree on the basic facts: Our Earth’s temperature is rising and the impacts of climate change are already affecting human and ecological systems.

Health in all Policies

This election let's make a difference and put Health in all Policies.

Breastfeeding Friendly Business Toolkit

Develop an atmosphere that supports breastfeeding mothers and families within your business.


Sexually active? Gonorrhea is one of the most common STIs in Canada. Get tested. It's as easy as peeing in a cup.

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Our new Food Inspection Disclosure site.


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