Smoke-Free Workplace Policy (Sample)



Our company is committed to providing a healthy, comfortable and productive work environment for our employees and everyone visiting our premises.


In order to eliminate hazards and ensure a safe, healthy workplace we are committed to making our company entirely smoke-free.


All forms of tobacco use will be strictly prohibited within company buildings.


Smoking is also prohibited on all outdoor property belonging to the company. *


All company vehicles will be designated smoke-free, including rental vehicles used for company business.


Copies of this policy will be made available to all employees. Signs will be posted at all building entrances.


To complement this policy, employees who smoke and would like to take this opportunity to make changes to their smoking behaviour are invited to participate in support being offered by our company. *


The success of this policy will depend on the thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of smokers and non-smokers. All of us share in the responsibility for adhering to and enforcing this policy.


Conforming to this policy will make our company compliant with provincial legislation, The Smoke-free Ontario Act.



Signature of CEO or President





* suggestive only, not required to be compliant with Smoke-Free Ontario Act



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