Sixty percent of Grey Bruce residents aged 25 to 64 had successfully completed a postsecondary certificate, diploma or degree in 2021, up from 58% in 2016. Twenty-eight percent had a high school diploma or equivalency certificate as their highest level of educational attainment, and 12% did not have a certificate diploma or degree. Grey Bruce residents are becoming more educated over time, though local educational attainment remains lower than provincial levels.

Figure 1. Highest Level of Educational Attainment, Population Aged 25 to 64, 2021

Figure 1

Data Notes and Sources

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Data Source: Statistics Canada. 2023. Census Profile. 2021 Census of Population. Statistics Canada Catalogue number 98-316-X2021001. Ottawa. Released March 29, 2023. (accessed June 5, 2023).

Rounding: All counts in census tabulations undergo random rounding, a process that transforms all raw counts into randomly rounded counts. This reduces the possibility of identifying individuals in the tabulations. To understand these data, you must be aware that each individual value is rounded. As a result, when these data are summed or grouped, the total value may not match the individual values since totals and sub-totals are independently rounded. Similarly, percentages, which are calculated on rounded data, may not necessarily add up to 100%.