Climate Change Awareness

Climate Change Awareness


The following table and figure present the perceived impact of climate change on health by Grey Bruce residents in 2016. Around 30% of adult residents of Grey Bruce think climate change has a somewhat or very negative impact on human health, twelve percent* think it has a somewhat or very positive effect, and sixteen percent think it has both positive and negative effects on human health. Around six percent* of Grey Bruce residents do not think climate change affects human health, and just under 37% are unsure how climate change affects human health.

Figure: Perceived Effect of Climate Change on Human Health in Grey Bruce, 2016

Climate Change Awareness



Table: Perceived impact of climate change on human health in Grey Bruce, by sex

Perceived impact

Rate (95% CI)

Positive impact

12.3% (8.9%-16.8%)

Negative impact

29.4% (24.1%-35.3%)

No effect

5.9%* (3.3%-10.1%)

Positive and negative impact

15.9% (11.8%-21.0%)

Don’t know

36.5% (30.8%-42.7%)

* Interpret with caution

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