Social Media Use

Social Media


The following table and figure present the percentages of Grey Bruce adults who used social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or blogs. About 70% of Grey Bruce adults aged 18 and older used social media in 2015. Among younger adult residents of Grey Bruce (aged 18 to 44), 93% used social media. Social media use was significantly higher among younger adults than middle-aged and older adults. About 70% of Grey Bruce residents aged 45 to 64 used social media, as did just under 49% of residents aged 65 and older.   


Figure: Percentage of Grey Bruce Adults Using Social Media by Age, 2015

Social Media Figure 1


Table: Use of social media by age group, Grey Bruce Adults, 2015

Age Group

Rate (95% CI)


70.5% (64.0% to 76.3%)

Younger Adults (18 to 44)

93.3% (83.3% to 97.5%)

Older Adults (45 to 64)

70.4% (60.2% to 78.9%)

Seniors (65 and over)

48.8% (37.0% to 60.7%)


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