Social Media


The following table and figure present the percentages of Grey Bruce adults who used social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or blogs. About 70% of Grey Bruce adults aged 18 and older used social media in 2015. Among younger adult residents of Grey Bruce (aged 18 to 44), 93% used social media. Social media use was significantly higher among younger adults than middle-aged and older adults. About 70% of Grey Bruce residents aged 45 to 64 used social media, as did just under 49% of residents aged 65 and older.   


Figure: Percentage of Grey Bruce Adults Using Social Media by Age, 2015

Social Media Figure 1


Table: Use of social media by age group, Grey Bruce Adults, 2015

Age Group

Rate (95% CI)


70.5% (64.0% to 76.3%)

Younger Adults (18 to 44)

93.3% (83.3% to 97.5%)

Older Adults (45 to 64)

70.4% (60.2% to 78.9%)

Seniors (65 and over)

48.8% (37.0% to 60.7%)


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