Prenatal Health Information

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Your health during pregnancy and the health of your baby in the early years of life provide a firm foundation for your child’s future.

Parents face a big responsibility in caring for each other and their children. Prenatal information and support can help parents build a healthy family life and ease the early challenges of parenting.

There is no safe amount or time to drink alcohol during pregnancy and in fact, should be stopped before planning a pregnancy. Alcohol consumed during fetal development can present many risks to the unborn baby including brain damage and birth defects.  Have an alcohol-free pregnancy - prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

Contact the Motherisk Program at the Hopital for Sick Children for information on alcohol and drug use during pregnancy.


Resources for Parents:

Free On-line Prenatal Course

Healthy Beginnings, a Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program


Active Pregnancy: Helping you to be active during pregnancy

Let’s Grow is an email resources and information for parents.

Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Home Visiting Program

Pregnancy Is Not Always What You Expect

A Healthy Start for Baby and Me - An easy to read book about pregnancy and birth which contains the following information and more;

  • Warning Signs During Pregnancy
  • How Will I Know If I am in Labour?
  • How Will Labour Progress?
  • Breathing Techniques for Pregnancy, Labour and Delivery
  • Comfort Suggestions for Labour
  • Reminder Sheet for Birth Partner
  • Packing Mom’s Suitcase
  • Caesarian Birth


Information for Expectant Parents:

Labour and Delivery


Infant Characteristics and Care


Adjusting to Parenthood


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