Health Equity

Health Equity

Grey Bruce Public Health is committed to actions that work towards reducing health inequities, removing barriers and creating equitable opportunities that support health and well-being for all embers of our community. We work towards health equity in many ways including;

  • Strengthening meaningful partnerships with Indigenous and non-Indigenous community members and various organizations to support action;
  • Monitoring and reporting on the relationship between social factors, like income, and health outcomes in Grey Bruce; and
  • Participating in policy development to address the social determinants of health.


What is Health Equity?

Health equity means that all people (individuals, groups and communities) have fair access to, and can act on, opportunities to reach their full health potential and are not disadvantaged by social, economic and environmental conditions, including socially constructed factors such as race, gender, sexuality, religion and social status. Achieving health equity requires acknowledging that some people have unequal starting places, and different strategies and resources are needed to correct the imbalance and make health possible. Health equity is achieved when disparities in health status between groups due to social and structural factors are reduced or eliminated (National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health).


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