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Your Immunization Records


Immunization Yellow Card

Please let us know your immunization information and updates

On-Line: Immunizations Update Here

Fax: 519-376-7782

Email: immunization@publichealthgreybruce.on.ca

Telephone:  519-376-9420 or 1-800-263-3456 Press "2"

Mail: 101 17th Street East,

Owen Sound, ON, N4K 0A5


For health and safety reasons, everyone, including adults, needs to have a personal immunization record showing dates of all vaccinations since birth.

Please ask your doctor or nurse practitioner to share your immunization updates with public health.


Immunization Checklist

Keeping your kids safe and healthy is everyone’s number one priority.

Children who are not fully immunized may not be allowed to attend school.

Check with your health care provider or local public health unit to make sure your child has all the vaccines needed to attend school 




The Grey Bruce Health Unit is mandated to maintain immunization records for all children and adolescents from 0-18 years of age.

In Ontario, The Law requires that children registered in schools and daycares must be completely immunized (or have valid exemptions in place) according to the Immunization of School Pupils Act and the Child Care and Early Years Act (see Section 35).

If there is an outbreak, immunization records let us know which students may be at risk of getting a vaccine preventable disease, and help control the spread of disease in our communities.


Can’t find your immunization records?

Harried Woman

Some ideas to help piece together an immunization record:

  • Call all previous health care offices where immunizations were received including: doctor and nurse practitioner offices, urgent care or hospital emergency departments, local public health agencies.
  • When physicians retire or a medical practice changes hands, you may be able to obtain records by contacting the College of Physicians and Surgeons at 1-800-268-7096. A fee may be charged.
  • At home: look through your old papers, including baby books and school or camp forms.
  • Ask your parent or guardian if they still have your childhood records.
  • Schools, colleges universities or other post-secondary institutions: contact schools attended in the past.
  • Previous employers: contact previous employers including the military.


Found some immunization records?

You can take the records you have found to your doctor or nurse practitioner office.


What do I do if I don't find any immunization records?

If you can’t find any records, repeat vaccines might be needed. It is not harmful to receive additional immunization doses. For a few immunizations, blood tests may be useful to show if you're already immune to certain diseases. Please discuss this with your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner who can order blood tests for you and plan immunizations as needed.


Immunization records are often needed for:

  • childcare,
  • kindergarten,
  • school,
  • summer camp,
  • college, university or other post-high school training,
  • future employment, and
  • international travel
  • a new Doctor or Nurse Practitioner, may need your immunization records for you to receive medical care.


Next time, avoid searching for old records and repeating undocumented immunizations:

  • Bring immunization records to every medical appointment.
  • Try keeping immunization records with OHIP cards. A vinyl sleeve, or a Ziploc bag is a good idea to keep everything together.
  • Keep a back-up copy of immunization records where you store your important papers. Make sure all vaccines you are given are documented on this card and the back-up copy.


It is your responsibility to keep immunization records. It will help to save your time, and keep you ready with your immunization history whenever you need it.



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