Designated Officer Program

Emergency Service Workers (ESW) are at an increased risk of exposure to infectious diseases. The risk of exposure can be reduced with the implementation of proper health and safety programs designed to protect workers from infectious diseases. The role of the designated officer in such programs is essential.

Designated officers play an important role in supporting ESW following an occupational exposure. Each organization is required to have 24hr access to a designated officer to respond and investigate all reports of exposures to infectious diseases.

The designated officer also acts as a liaison with Public Health. Public Health will contact the designated officer to notify that a ESW may have been exposed to an infectious disease (Group A strep, measles, meningococcal disease, and other Diseases of Public Health Significance (DOPHS) that require contact tracing).

For more information on the program:

Public Services Health & Safety Association | Designated Officer Program Review


Designated Officer Training/Resources



  • Ontario Association of Designated Officers (2017). Designated Officers Manual for Infection Prevention: Reducing the Risk for Front-line Staff. Available on OMHRA website.





Updating Designated Officer Contact Information

Grey Bruce Public Health is required to keep an updated list of Designated Officers and 24/7 contact numbers for local ESW organizations.  It is important to notify us of any changes to this information. Please email or call 519-376-9420 ext. 6 to update this information.


Updated April 2024



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