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Drinking Water System Advisories


The Grey Bruce Health Unit reports drinking water advisories under the Small Drinking Water Systems Regulation 319 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act. Drinking water advisories are posted for the duration of the advisory.

Contact the Public Health Inspector Helpline at 519-376-9420 or toll free at 1-800-263-3456, option 4, for more information on the Drinking Water System Disclosure Program.


Small Drinking Water System Advisories (O. Reg. 319/08)

Advisory Types

Advisory Types

Boil Water Advisory – an advisory notice issued to notify users that boiling is required to render the water safe to use.
Do Not Drink Advisory – an advisory notice issued to users when actions other than boiling is required to protect them (e.g. lead or nitrate above acceptable levels). Other types of filtration and/or chemical or non-chemical treatment may be required (i.e. reverse osmosis).
Do No Use Advisory – an advisory notice that is issued to uses when boiling or treatment will not render the drinking water supply safe for users. The operator or operating authority may notify users of or provide users an alternate source of water.
Health Information Advisory – An advisory notice issued to inform specific community users of an exceedance (e.g. Fluoride or Sodium) and the recommended measures to be taken to reduce exposure and mitigate the risk to human health (i.e. the health unit may notify dental or  medical offices).
Precautionary Advisory – an advisory issued when there is work being done on a system or there is a possibility of contamination (e.g. main break) but an immediate threat to public health has not been identified. It is usually a boil water advisory.

SDWS NameAddressType of PremiseAdvisory TypeDate IssuedSorted By Date Issued In Descending OrderDate Lifted
Cedars Resort134 Cedar's Resort Lane Eugenia ON N0C 1E0LodgingBoil Water Advisory (BWA)9/1/20219/7/2021
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 2907437 Highway 6 Tobermory, ON N0H 2R0Food PremiseBoil Water Advisory (BWA)7/23/202111/30/2021
Shamadon Resort Ltd112118 Grey rd 3, Ayton N0G1C0Campground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)7/21/20218/6/2021
Cedarholme108 Beech St, Wiarton Bed & BreakfastBoil Water Advisory (BWA)6/25/20217/28/2021
Silent Valley Camp 142571 Road 35 Ayton N0G 1C0Campground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)5/4/20215/21/2021
Stokes Bay Comumunity Centre575 Stokes Bay Road, Stokes BayCommunity CentrePrecautionary Boil Water Advisory11/25/20206/23/2021
Chesley Lake Camp (Transitioning to Reg. 170)78 Camp Road RR 3 AllenfordCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)10/7/2020 
The Grandview Motel8 Earl Street TobermoryLodgingBoil Water Advisory (BWA)10/1/20206/7/2021
Southport Golf Course5374 Bruce Road 3, SouthamptonFood PremiseBoil Water Advisory (BWA)10/1/20205/19/2021
Peacock Villa30 Legion Street Tobermory Ontario N0H 2R0Campground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)9/2/20205/31/2021
Whispering Cedars Campground270 Myles Bay Shore Road, Lions HeadCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)8/13/20209/22/2020
The Soda Factory11 Lakeshore North Sauble Beach N0H 2G0Food PremiseBoil Water Advisory (BWA)8/6/20208/18/2020
Chesley Lake CampgroundR.R.#3 AllenfordCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)6/30/20207/6/2020
Amazing Rocky Park Campground423059 Rocky Saugeen Road DurhamCampground/Trailer ParkPrecautionary Boil Water Advisory5/22/20205/29/2020
Coffin Ridge599450 2nd Conc N, MeafordResidentialBoil Water Advisory (BWA)1/17/20202/7/2020
Ted's Range Road Diner138490 Grey Road 112, MeafordFood PremiseBoil Water Advisory (BWA)1/16/20201/24/2020
Hanover Columbus Centre963 Bruce Rd. 4, Hanover, ON N0G 2V0Public FacilityBoil Water Advisory (BWA)10/24/201910/31/2019
New Fairway Park5017 Hwy 21, Port ElginCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)9/25/201910/18/2019
Larbermoe Tent & Trailer Park12 Parkside Ave Wiarton ON N0H 2T0Campground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)9/4/201910/31/2019
Town of The Blue MountainsInnsbruck Lane, Dolomite Court, Salzburg Place and Sleepy Hollow Road (111-135)ResidentialPrecautionary Boil Water Advisory8/27/20198/30/2019
Sweet Things from Dejong Acres462028 Concession 24, Georgian Bluffs, ON N0H 2T0Food PremiseBoil Water Advisory (BWA)8/26/2019 
Leeside Restaurant & Patio Bar3 Eliza Street, Tobermory Food PremiseBoil Water Advisory (BWA)8/23/20199/9/2019
Trillium Woods129 Bryant Street WiartonCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)8/22/20198/28/2019
Spry Lake Camp2911 County Road 13, South Bruce PeninsulaCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)8/22/20198/28/2019
Pinewoods Golf Centre665 Bruce County Road 8 South Bruce Peninsula N0H 2T0Food PremiseBoil Water Advisory (BWA)8/9/20198/28/2019
Sunny Valley Camp062703 Sunny Valley Road Owen Sound N4K 5N5Campground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)7/27/20198/2/2019
The Evergreen Forest B&B381135 Concession 17 Wiarton ON N0H 2T0Bed & BreakfastBoil Water Advisory (BWA)7/18/20197/25/2019
Buck's Crossing Golf401245 Grey Rd. 4 Hanover Food PremiseBoil Water Advisory (BWA)7/5/20197/12/2019
Kilsyth Country Campground101739 Grey Road 5, Tara, ONCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)6/28/20197/8/2019
Durham Conservation Area323198 Old Durham Rd, Durham, ONCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)6/27/20197/3/2019
Oliphant Oaks Trailer Park65 Oliphant WayCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)6/25/20194/3/2021
Saugeen Bluffs Conservation132 Saugeen Bluffs Rd. Saugeen ShoresCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)6/22/20196/24/2019
Big Tub Harbour Resort236 Big Tub Rd. Tobermory, ON N0H 2R0LodgingBoil Water Advisory (BWA)6/13/20196/20/2019
Eckhardt's Shell Variety & Lunchroom403274 Grey Rd 4, DurhamFood PremiseBoil Water Advisory (BWA)6/8/20196/20/2019
Pinewoods Golf & Restaurant665 Bruce County Road 8, HepworthFood PremiseBoil Water Advisory (BWA)5/17/20195/28/2019
Peninsula Supply Ice Cream4 Bay Street Tobermory On N0H 2R0Food PremiseBoil Water Advisory (BWA)5/16/20196/28/2019
Leeside Restaurant & Patio Bar3 Eliza Street Tobermory ON N0H 2R0Food PremiseBoil Water Advisory (BWA)5/16/20195/27/2019
Wireless Bay & Cottages112 Bay Street TobermoryLodgingBoil Water Advisory (BWA)5/15/20196/11/2019
Knight's Inn Motel11 Sauble Falls Parkway Sauble BeachLodgingBoil Water Advisory (BWA)5/10/20196/18/2019
Sauble Christian Fellowship25 Southampton Parkway, Sauble BeachChurchBoil Water Advisory (BWA)5/2/20195/13/2019
Bruce Power B177 Tie Road TivertonFood PremiseDo Not Drink Advisory (DND)12/6/20181/4/2019
Pebbles Restaurant313010 RR #3 Varney West GeyFood PremiseBoil Water Advisory (BWA)12/5/201812/6/2018
Community Living Owen Sound14366 Sideroad 15InstitutionalPrecautionary Advisory9/28/201811/2/2018
Mountain Lake Camp102 Mountain Lake Drive Wiarton ONCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)9/21/20185/27/2019
Kemble United Church319940 Kemble Rock RoadChurchBoil Water Advisory (BWA)9/17/20189/28/2018
Silent Valley Cottage & RV Resort142571 Road 35, Ayton, ONCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)9/14/20189/21/2018
Cape Chin Bed & Breakfast314 Cape Chin North Road Lion's Head OntarioBed & BreakfastBoil Water Advisory (BWA)9/12/20189/21/2018
Saugeen Springs RV Park173844 Mulock Road Hanover OnCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)8/30/20189/11/2018
Whispering Cedars Park270 Myles Bay Shore Road, Lion's Head ONCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)8/29/20186/4/2019
Craigleith Sun RV Park496875 Grey Road 2, Clarksburg, ONCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)8/16/20188/17/2018
Red Bay Lodge462 Huron Road South Bruce PeninsulaLodgingBoil Water Advisory (BWA)8/16/20188/24/2018
Durham Conservation Authority323198 Durham Road EastPublic FacilityBoil Water Advisory (BWA)7/6/20187/13/2018
White Bluffs Shores Campground239 Isthmus Bay Rd, Lion's Head, ON N0H 1W0Campground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)5/28/20188/3/2018


Drinking Water System Advisories (O. Reg. 170/03)

Advisory Types

DWS NameAddressType of PremiseAdvisory TypeDate IssuedSorted By Date Issued In Descending OrderDate Lifted
Maple Grove Village026585 Highway 89 Southgate, ON N0C 1B0ResidentialBoil Water Advisory (BWA)10/8/202110/18/2021
SEGSS-S FarmerGrey HighlandsInstitutionalBoil Water Advisory (BWA)9/1/20219/8/2021
Georgian Bay Lutheran Cluster (LutheRanch)684138 SideRoad 30 Holland Centre N0H 1R0Campground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)8/20/20218/27/2021
DWS Egremont Community School392141 Grey Road 109ChildcareBoil Water Advisory (BWA)7/22/20218/4/2021
Beaver Valley Ski Club100 Pioneer Drive, Markdale, ON N0C 1H0ResidentialBoil Water Advisory (BWA)7/14/20218/13/2021
Maple Grove Village 26585 Hwy 89 Southgate, ON N0C 1B0Campground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)4/23/20214/27/2021
Chatsworth Drinking Water SystemVillage of ChatsworthResidentialPrecautionary Boil Water Advisory12/1/202012/3/2020
St. Edmunds Public School21 Centennial Drive TobermorySchoolBoil Water Advisory (BWA)9/24/20209/28/2020
Ayton Lodge1010 Victoria St, Ayton, ON N0G 1C0InstitutionalBoil Water Advisory (BWA)7/2/20207/14/2020
BurgoyneLot 16, Concession A. Bruce Road 3 Arran EldersliePublic FacilityBoil Water Advisory (BWA)9/26/2019 
Silent Valley Park142571 35 Road Ayton ON N0G 1C0Public FacilityBoil Water Advisory (BWA)9/12/20199/19/2019
Meadow Lane122 The Meadow Lane The Blue MountainsPublic FacilityBoil Water Advisory (BWA)9/5/20199/12/2019
Georgian Bay Lutheran Cluster 684138 Side Rd 30 Holland CentreCampground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)7/19/20198/1/2019
Silver Lake Mennonite Camp72 Pine Forest Drive, Sauble Beach, ON N0H 2G0Recreational CampBoil Water Advisory (BWA)7/18/20197/22/2019
Camp McGovern422102 River Road, Elmwood, ON, N0G 1S0Recreational CampBoil Water Advisory (BWA)6/20/20197/3/2019
Meadow Lane122 The Meadow Lane, The Blue MountainsPublic FacilityBoil Water Advisory (BWA)6/12/20197/27/2019
Ayton Lodge1010 Victoria St, Ayton, ON N0G 1C0InstitutionalBoil Water Advisory (BWA)5/30/20196/7/2019
Lincoln Park217522 Concession 3Campground/Trailer ParkBoil Water Advisory (BWA)10/26/201811/2/2018
City of Owen Sound South end near Greenwood Cemetery including County Road 5 (2nd Ave East), Inglis Fall, Forest Heights subdivision, Harrison Park & Greenwood CemeteryPublic FacilityBoil Water Advisory (BWA)9/20/20189/21/2018

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