Comfort Measures to Reduce Needle Pain and Distress



For families with children and teens

For families with babies


Immunization Tips

Immunization Tips: Place numbing cream patch over IM injection site 30-60 minutes before immunization is received (check instructions on cream you have). More information


Some ideas to help with needle distress or anxiety


To practice getting more comfortable with needles, try making yourself a “fear ladder.” Download a blank fear ladder, with an example; and practice photos and videos.

Sample Needle Fear Ladder

Activities or Situation Fear Rating
Getting a shot in the upper arm


Slightly pricking one's skin with a needle 9/10
Watching someone else get a needle in real life 8/10


For more instructions and examples of making and using fear ladders check out the website Anxiety Canada


Anxiety BC Youth Website

Some fun Youth oriented activities and explanations: Anxiety BC Youth



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