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Comfort Measures to Reduce Needle Pain and Distress


Reducing needle fears

CARD Vaccination

Learn about Needle Phobia in Children and Youth.

The CARD System provides strategies that can be used to help cope before and during vaccination.  The system consists of resources such as videos and handouts that can be used to help cope before and during vaccination.  The system consists of resources such as videos and handouts that will help to prepare you and your child for a vaccination.


For comfort strategies for all ages, visit Comfort Measures to Reduce Pain.


Anxiety Canada features information about Anxiety in Youth. The Facing Fears section, includes “how to” steps to reducing fears for many issues including needles.  


Check out these videos. They sound like the young people at our clinic who have made progress getting injections is more manageable now.



For families with children and teens

For families with babies


School Vaccinations – The CARD™ System: Play your power CARD


Vaccines are the best way to protect ourselves from many serious diseases. However, getting a needle may be painful and stressful. Check out our helpful tips to make immunizations easier.


Numbing Cream


To use numbing cream Place numbing cream patch over IM injection site 30-60 minutes before immunization is received (check instructions on cream you have). Helpful tips to make immunizations easier.


To practice getting more comfortable with needles, try making yourself a “fear ladder.” Download a blank fear ladder, with an example; and practice photos and videos.

Sample Needle Fear Ladder

Activities or Situation Fear Rating
Getting a shot in the upper arm


Slightly pricking one's skin with a needle 9/10
Watching someone else get a needle in real life 8/10





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