Partners & Professionals

Partners & Professionals

Dental Professionals

The Grey Bruce Health Unit’s dental health team helps raise awareness and promote the importance of good oral health throughout the region. This is accomplished by providing programs and services within our communities. We conduct oral health screenings in publicly & privately funded elementary schools on a yearly basis to identify oral health concerns in children. The collected data is analyzed and used to plan oral health initiatives and monitor trends. Community based program planning allows for increased knowledge in our communities about the publicly funded dental financial assistance programs available. Working alongside our community partners and dental organizations, we strive to promote and protect health by offering equitable opportunities that support the health and well being of all Grey & Bruce residents.

In working together to provide the best care for our communities, the dental health team is available to help other dental professionals in answering any questions and supporting offices regarding dental financial assistance questions. Clinical eligibility for programs can be assessed through one of our public health clinics, school screenings, or by the client’s dental provider. For more information on this process, please contact the oral health team at the Grey Bruce Health Unit.

Infection control is a high priority in our profession. Public Health Ontario has provided many resources to assist in ensuring all clients are provided treatment with the highest quality of infection control.


IPAC CHECKLIST FOR DENTAL PRACTICE - Reprocessing of Dental/Medical Equipment/Devices



Oral health can play a major role in the verall health and well being of patients and can play a key role in growth and development in children. Research has shown that gum disease may be a risk factor for a number of health conditions such as heart disease and stroke, respiratory diseases and diabetes. It has also been linked to premature or low birth weight babies.

As part of regular scheduled well baby check ups, physicians are able to promote and reinforce the importance of oral health to families by promoting a visit to a dental professional by the child’s first birthday, participate in a fluoride varnish program, identify potential issues and direct families in need of financial assistance for dental concerns. If you would like more information regarding any of these programs, please contact a member of the dental health team at the Grey Bruce Health Unit.



We offer resources on loan. Although we typically do not provide class presentations we can offer suggestions to help with lesson planning.


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