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We all need a supply of safe, clean water. But, clean water is easily taken for granted in a water-rich region such as Grey Bruce. Water has the potential to be a significant source of human disease. People who use water from private supplies should understand where their water comes from, what type of well they have and how to test their water.

Grey Bruce Health Unit has created a Private Well Water Manual to provide a basic overview for property and/or home owners who have a private well.

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Testing Private Drinking Water

In Ontario, people who rely on a private drinking water system can test it for bacterial contamination free of charge. Owners or operators of regulated systems such as Small Drinking Water Systems, or anyone who get their drinking water from a municipal supply cannot use this service. Samples are not to be submitted from untreated surface water supplies such as lakes or rivers as these supplies are subject to contamination and are not considered suitable for drinking purposes unless properly treated. Public Health serves as a drop-off point for water samples and there are many additional drop of locations around the region.


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Health Inspectors can help you interpret the results of bacteriological analysis and advise you on corrective measures.

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Water Treatment Systems

You may decide that you would like to install a water treatment system to address water quality or water safety issues. Or, you may have bought a home or cottage with an existing system and would like to know more about it. There are a variety of systems available and they vary in design, price, effectiveness at removing particular contaminants and difficulty of operation. Find more information on the types of water treatment systems available.



Water Wells - Best Management Practices (order on-line or pick one up at the Grey Bruce Health Unit)

Well Aware

Public Health Ontario


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