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Throughout the Grey Bruce region, there are many special or community events that involve serving food to the public.  In some cases, these special events serve food to hundreds of people.  Food that is improperly prepared can cause illness, and in some cases, serious complications or even death.


The Grey Bruce Health Unit role is to make sure that the public is protected from food-borne illnesses.  We want to ensure that food is prepared safely and that the event goes ahead in a way that protects the people being served.  To achieve this goal, we ask that people planning events involving serving food to the public fill out an application.  This way, we can help you reduce the risk of food-borne illness in the people you are serving.


Please click on the appropriate link to download a copy of the Special Event Temporary Food Establishment package.


Please be aware of the Changes to the Outdoor Special Events Under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act PDF Document


Once you download the special event application, please be sure to save your work before submitting through the online submission form or printing. Information that you enter is not automatically saved. Completed applications can be submitted either by completing the on-line form submission below or by Fax @ 519-376-6310.



Please use the form below to submit your application and we'll get back to you soon!


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You should receive a confirmation message on screen if the submission is successful when you click "Submit Application"


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