Prescription and Illicit Drugs

Prescription and Illicit Drugs

Prescription drugs are an important part of our healthcare system and support healing when used as directed by a healthcare provider (like a doctor or nurse practitioner). Prescription drugs can be harmful if used mon-medically, which could look like taking too much of one’s own medication or taking medication prescribed to someone else.

Just like prescription drugs taken non-medically, illicit (illegal) drugs can be harmful to the person using the substance or to others around them. For more information about reducing harms related to substance use, visit the Harm Reduction section of this website.  


What do I do with unused or expired medication? What about sharps?

You can return medications and sharps to a pharmacy in your community through programs offered by the health products industries called Returning Medications - Health Products Stewardship Association. In Owen Sound there are also community sharps disposal kiosks at the Grey Bruce Health Unit (101 17th St. East) and in Carney’s Lane (between 2nd and 3rd avenues east).


By dropping off your unneeded medications and sharps, you are:

  • Making sure they're disposed of properly;
  • Keeping them out of the wrong hands, which stops harmful use, accidental ingestion, and injuries;
  • Protecting our environment.


Resources for Youth, Parents, Caregivers and Educators

Prescription OPIOIDs including Fentanyl: Fact Sheets – Developed by School Mental Health ASSIST and CAMH

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More Resources and Links

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