Preparedness in your Community


Emergency preparedness at the community level is lead by your local Municipality, with support by the County, First Responders, and other agencies including Public Health. In most cases emergency response is lead by the First Responders (Police, Fire and EMS) and your local Municipality, with support from the County and other agencies such as Public Health when necessary. The Province has oversight of this work through the Office of the Fire Marshall and Emergency Management of Ontario;


For More information on emergency preparedness in your community see your local Municipality, or the following regional website;


Each community assesses the risk of a variety of emergencies. For example in Grey and Bruce Counties certain transportation emergencies are less likely than other regions (we do not have any 400 series highways or railways in the region) but are more likely to be affected by winter storms. Most communities in the region have identified weather related emergencies including winter storms, ice storms, and tornadoes as being higher risk. In addition power outages and (in limited geographic areas) flooding is of concern. To find out what you can do to prepare for such eventualities go to the Preparedness at Home section.


 In addition the types of industry in a region may require additional preparedness planning. The Municipality of Kincardine in Bruce County is home to Bruce Power, currently the world’s largest nuclear power generating facility. Additional information about the plans associated with this facility can be found here;


To find out about the Health Unit’s role in a radiological scenario click here.


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