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Building Healthy Communities Together

A Healthy Community… provides all people with the ability to make choices in a community that offers opportunities for access to:

  • Affordable, safe and appropriate housing,
  • Low cost transportation options,
  • healthy and nutritious foods,
  • accessible recreation,
  • education and employment,
  • medical and social services,
  • clean air & water
  • and a safe environment within an inclusive and socially cohesive atmosphere.


Community Parts

A healthy community has three main parts:


Individual and community health is affected by the environments in which we live, work, play, and learn.


To create a healthy community, people in our community, municipalities, organizations, and businesses must work together.  In Grey Bruce, we are working to develop a Healthy Community Partnership that will bring these sectors together to discuss key health issues affecting our community and find solutions that work for our unique communities.


Creating Healthy Communities


Everyone has a role to play in building a healthy community.  Here are some ways to get started:

  • Learn about the policies that guide your community.  You can find these policies on your County or Municipal website.
  • Think about how the issue affects you and what you would like to see done about the issue
  • Can you walk to stores and recreation facilities in your community?
  • Can your children walk or bike to school?
  • Can you buy seasonal vegetables and fruit at the grocery store or market that are grown locally?


  It Starts with You!

  • Say hello to your neighbours – do you know their names?
  • Get to know your community – attend local events
  • Walk or bike more often – assess how easy or difficult it is to get around without a car
  • When possible, buy locally grown produce at the grocery store or market and support local businesses
  • Talk with family, friends, or co-workers about what a healthy community looks like from their point of view
  • Don’t idle your vehicle
  • Plant a tree
  • Compost, recycle, and reduce your waste
  • Conserve energy – use a clothesline


Get Involved!

Volunteer and work with others to help create a healthier community.  Consider these ideas or think of your own way to contribute:

  • Join your local Community Action Network that supports PLAY in Bruce Grey
  • Join other families in your neighbourhood to start a Walking School Bus
  • Invite young people in your community to volunteer
  • Volunteer with your school’s nutrition program
  • Start a community garden
  • Join the local trails association
  • Start a pick-up sports league


Speak Out!

  • Participate at municipal council meetings.  Tell council about the strengths of your community along with the changes you would like to see.
  • Talk with school officials about active modes to school, quality physical activity, and healthy eating.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper
  • Contact your MP or MPP about issues that need attention at the federal or provincial level


Resources and Links

Healthy Development Checklist - A tool to help guide healthy community development

Healthy Communities Conference – view material from the various conferences.

Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition – has a variety of toolkits and manuals to help community groups work toward building healthier communities.

Spark Together for Healthy Kids, Heart and Stroke Foundation

GIS Mapping Report

2015 Complete Street Policy Guide

Healthy Food Choices & Tap Water in Municipal Recreational Facilities & Affiliated Public Spaces

Healthy Kids & Youth: It's Time For Collaborative Action

Municipalities and Counties Influencing Health

Healthy Communities Initiative Update



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