Vaping Resources and Support for Schools

Vaping Resources and Support for Schools

Protecting this generation of youth from nicotine products including commercial tobacco, vaping products and others requires a multi-faceted approach focusing on prevention through laws, policy, school education, campaigns, to empower youth to make informed decisions and to protect young people from exposure to use and promotion of products. Quit supports for students who have become dependent on nicotine are also important. We all have a role to play in preventing addiction to nicotine. At Public Health we greatly value the ability to partner with local school boards to support staff and students.


Enforcing the Smoke-Free Ontario Act

How the Smoke-free Act affects schools

GPHU infographic about schools and smoke-free laws – coming soon.

School Offence Reporting Form 

Schools are to report offences on school property, within 20 metres of school property or on school buses to Grey Bruce Public Health. Offences can include smoking, vaping or providing commercial tobacco or vape products, including e-liquids or pods to another student under 19 years of age.


Diversion Process

Diversion Process Flow Chart

Diversion Alternative Pathway


Quit Supports for Youth:

Quit Supports for Youth


Prevention Campaign and Educator Resources for Schools

Catch My Breath partnership with Public Health -  is an evidence-based nicotine vaping prevention program that covers the health effects of vaping, risks of addiction, industry practices, peer pressure and more. It features four lessons, each about 45 minutes in length. Contact your school health nurses if you would like to offer the Catch My Breath Lessons for your 6th Grade class. Once you have access to a licence, nurses may visit the classroom for the first lesson when teachers commit to complete lessons 2 to 4. For more information, email .

Not an Experiment Campaign Platform - Contact your school health nurse for support to learn about what resources are available to implement the Not An Experiment campaign in your school.  The platform includes educator resources for 7/8th grade lessons, activities for skill refusal and the Not an Experiment game available either for in-person or online delivery. To visit the website,   For a comprehensive list of materials and resources, email

For more supports for lessons and educator resources, see Vaping Prevention, Commercial Tobacco Use Prevention Curriculum Resources


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