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To Book any of these resources or inquire about any other resources please call Grey Bruce Health Unit at 1-800-263-3456

Healthy Eating

  • Food Safety table top display – complete with roasted turkey pull out – trivia questions included with Velcro doors to reveal answers
  • Canada food guide kitchen – 3 panel standing display board – trivia questions included with Velcro doors to reveal answers
  • Drink display – bin of beverage containers and the amount of sugar in each represented with sugar packs – handouts included
  • Food Model Kit – 12 food models with portion backgrounder and portion plate to bring Canada’s food guide portion size to life
  • Blender bike – Learn about how to borrow the blender bike.

Physical Activity

  • Pedometers – to track how many steps people take in a day
  • OPHEA’s Yoga Alphabet Cards – Playful alphabet poses to support students in learning the basics of yoga while developing physical literacy and language skills
  • OPHEA’s 50 Fitness Cards – A set of core on-the-spot fitness moves that can be used on their own or to add variety to existing activities
  • OPHEA’s BrainBlitz- 25 activity cards that make it quick, fun, and easy to take an active break during learning, and can be used as an opportunity to improve attention
  • OPHEA’s One a Day For Active Play – 200 creative game and activity cards that can be used for ice-breakers, warm-ups or support the implementation of DPA

Sexual Health

  • Birth Control Kits – Includes samples of all types of birth control plus pamphlets for detailed information
  • Most Secondary Schools should have their own ask your administrator

Hand Hygiene

  • Glo Germ – teaches how to wash hands using a glow Germ black light!
  • Interactive games and handouts are also available

Substance Use

  • Marijuana Plinko Game – Includes a plinko board with questions on marijuana and your health, statistics and the law.
  • Pigs' lungs – Includes 2 inflatable pigs' lungs, one that is healthy and one showing the effects of smoking.
  • Impaired driving goggles – See what your vision is like when you are impaired, fun twist rent out the jenga game and see if you can play!
  • Jumbo Jenga Game – 54 Jenga blocks that can be written on with chalk pen. Create your own interactive game!
  • Vaping Campaign Materials and Trivia Wheel Activity – Includes gum to use as giveaway, trivia wheel with questions, posters, pamphlets and a banner of 'walk through history'
  • Giant Earth Ball – Large plastic inflatable call to be used to raise awareness about the impact of commercial tobacco on the earth
  • Polaroid Camera – Instant polaroid camera to capture a moment, film can be supplied for tobacco related projects
  • Button/Magnet Making Press and Supplies – Includes button press, buttons, punch supplies. Customize magnets with your campaign message of use them as a way for students to express themselves!

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