2010 Healthy Communities Conference



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May 11 – Grey Bruce Health Unit

Reconnecting Farm and Community  PDF  (1.2 Mb)

Freeman Boyd, Local Food Project Coordinator, Food Link Grey Bruce

Healthy Communities and Social Determinants of Health  PDF  (0.036 Mb)

Jim Harrold, City Manager, City of Owen Sound

Healthy Communities Ontario

Margarett Best, Ontario Minister of Health Promotion


May 12 - Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre

Intro Dr Lynn  PDF  (7 Mb)

Dr. Hazel Lynn, Medical Officer of Health, Grey Bruce Health Unit

Blueprint for Developing Healthy Communities: Alignment of Community Engagement (A.C.E.)   PDF  (1.3 Mb)

Built to Last  (YouTube video)

Kim Bergeron, Ph.D. Candidate, Queen’s University

Healthy Communities by Design  PDF  (3.2 Mb)

George McKibbon, Ontario Professional Planners Institute


A Rural Perspective on Healthy Communities- Strategies for Sustainability  PDF  (9.9 Mb)

Wayne Caldwell, Ontario Professional Planners Institute

1:00-2:00 p.m.





Cooking, Eating and Learning Together: Everybody Always Ends Up in  The Kitchen 

 Anne Finlay-Stewart – Around the Sound Local Food Market

Community Engagement in Creating Sustainable Local Food Systems

Jeff Kohl – Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition


Changing Minds, Changing Lives – Access to Sport and Recreation  PDF  (2.1 Mb)

Opportunities for Persons with a Disability

Mary C. Solomon – Grey Bruce District Stroke Centre


Reducing Social Exclusion through Endless Possibilities  PDF  (11.2 Mb)

Monique Crites, Lynn Curley – Grey Bruce Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team.


It’s Just a Job – NOT!  Diversifying your Workforce  PDF  (0.3 Mb)

Kim Lawson, Ron Fenwick – Community Living Owen Sound; John

McLaughlin – St. George’s Anglican Church; Lyndy Barfoot – City of Owen Sound


Spruce the Bruce: Environmental Health/Community Design  PDF  (5.2 Mb)

Kara Van Myall, Sabine Robart – County of Bruce


Creating Healthy Community Design Policies for Municipal Official  Plans  PDF  (4.5 Mb)

Megan Williams – Simcoe District Health Unit


Canada Walks: A Multi-Sectoral Engagement Approach to Creating Walkable Communities  PDF  (2.4 Mb)

MovingON - Perth County  PDF  (1.9 Mb)

Children's Mobility, Health & Happiness: A Canadian School Travel Planning Model  PDF  (0.4 Mb)

International Charter for Walking  PDF  (0.08 Mb)

walkON - Steps to Strides in Brantford  PDF  (0.6 Mb)

Canada Walks: A Walkolution in the Making - The Hamilton Experience  PDF  (5.5 Mb)

Mandy Johnson – Green Communities Canada; Sharon MacKinnon –

Hamilton Public Health  Services; Kerry Price – Healthy Living Perth

2:15-3:15 p.m.





Working Together to Put Food on Every Plate!    Panel Presentation  PDF  (1.4 Mb)

Jenny Amy – Grey Bruce Agriculture and Culinary Association; Maria Weijs – Grey Bruce Local Food Project; Kristine Hammel – Freelance Researcher, Writer, Consultant; Tarrah Young –Green Being Farm; Freeman Boyd – Grey Bruce Local Food Project


Promoting Social Inclusion by Building Bridges out of Poverty

Francesca Dobbyn – United Way of Bruce Grey; Mary Jane Murray – Adult Learning Centre, Owen Sound


Age Friendly Communities  PDF  (0.2 Mb)

Leah Sadler – University of Waterloo- Murray Alzheimer Research and

Education Program; Lindsay Wonnacott, Sarah Milne – Grey Bruce Health Unit Falls Prevention and Intervention Program


Building Capacity in Haliburton Cty for Active Transportation:  Sharing Resources, Sharing the Road  PDF  (3.3 Mb)

Sue Shikaze – Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit


The Evolution of Walking in Rural Ontario – How to Support Walkable Communities in Your Hometown  PDF  (3.4 Mb)

Heather Keam, Michele Crowley – Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit


How Trail Development Contributes to Affordable Recreation in the Blue Mountains  PDF  (13.1 Mb)

Shawn Everitt, David Finbow – The Blue Mountains


Retro-fitting Communities for a Healthier Built Environment – Emerging Patterns in Rural and Small Town Ontario  PDF  (12.4 Mb)

Paul Young – Health Promoter and Landscape Architect

3:30 - 4:30 p.m.




Transformational Change Through Community Owenership   PDF  (15.8 Mb)

Catherine Matheson, Cindi Briscoe - City of Greater Sudbury


Creating  a Healthy Community - Process and Practice  PDF  (1 Mb)

Active Transportation Plan  PDF  (1 Mb)

Raising Public Awareness About Engine Idling  PDF  (0.2 Mb)

Peter Willmott, Rick Archdekin, Eckart Scheuing - Town of Wasaga Beach

Moving into Action: What You Can Do!  PDF  (0.1 Mb)

Kim Bergeron



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