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Good things happen when people come together to move the needle forward to support health and well-being. Join us as we explore how collaborative leadership can make this happen. At this symposium you will hear how formal and informal Grey Bruce leaders are making their communities vibrant places in big and little ways. You will be invited to share your experiences and find new ways to work together on great ideas that can have an impact in your community.


Symposium Objectives:

  1. To showcase local examples of collaborative leadership.
  2. To facilitate cross sector dialogue.
  3. To enhance the Grey Bruce culture of working together.
  4. To share best practices and tools.


Workshop Presentations

Ignite PPP PDF PDF icon

CAO Healthy Communities Presentation Bruce County Powerpoint Icon

FRC Team 781 Powerpoint Icon

Leadership Development Bruce Power Oct 21 Powerpoint Icon

St. Marys Peer Leadership Powerpoint Icon

Township of Chatsworth Opportunities for Leadership Presentation Powerpoint Icon

Wes for Youth Ignite Powerpoint Icon

Youth in Politics Leadership Ignite Powerpoint Icon



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