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Climate Change Working Group

Staff from the Grey Bruce Health Unit and the County of Grey are taking a leadership role in developing and coordinating a Climate Change Working Group. Within the 2018 Ontario Public Health Standards, one of Public Health’s newly defined deliverables is to work with partners “to address risk factors in the environment, including the impacts of climate change, using population-based activities.”


This group will provide a mechanism for members to communicate, collaborate and network, to share climate change resources and program ideas, and to discuss professional issues. For more information please see the Terms of Reference or submit the following form.

Terms of Reference


Please submit the following form to express interest in joining the group, to request more information or submit resources.

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Recent News

Canada’s Changing Climate Report


Free Course on Climate Change and Health

  • Climate change media coverage tends to be suffused with images of polar bears and smokestacks but very little coverage is dedicated to look at the many and the large health impacts of climate change. This free course provides evidence of the link between climate change and the health of populations.


Climate Emergency, Urban Opportunity

  • How national governments can secure economic prosperity and avert climate catastrophe by transforming cities
  • New Report Finds National Governments Can Unlock Nearly $24 Trillion by Investing in Zero-Carbon Cities “Climate Emergency, Urban Opportunity “. The most comprehensive report to date to examine the critical role of national governments in achieving equitable and sustainable economic development in cities, which are home to over half the world’s population and which produce 80% of gross domestic product and three-quarters of carbon emissions.
  • Grey Highlands Declares Climate Crisis
  • West Grey Declares Climate Change Emergency 


Links to Climate Change Resources

Climate Action Incentive Fund:

  • Municipalities, Universities, Schools and Hospitals (MUSH) Retrofit stream
  • The first round of funding for 2019-2020 is intended to support energy efficiency projects in schools. Schools and/or school boards interested in participating in the MUSH Retrofit stream are encouraged to contact their provincial governments for more details on how to apply.
  • Funding for municipalities, universities/colleges and hospitals under the MUSH Retrofit stream will be announced later in 2019-2020. Additional information about funding for energy efficiency and retrofit projects will be posted on our website as it becomes available. 

  • ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is a global network of more than 1,750 local and regional governments committed to sustainable urban development. Active in 100+ countries, we influence sustainability policy and drive local action for low emission, nature-based, equitable, resilient and circular development. Our Members and team of experts work together through peer exchange, partnerships and capacity building to create systemic change for urban sustainability.


Federation of Canadian Municipalities:

Association of Municipalities in Ontario

  •  Municipal Climate change Action in Ontario
  • Extreme weather affects our local economies, the environment and quality of life in our communities. Municipalities own most of Canada’s infrastructure, so investing in sustainable local projects will help meet provincial emission targets and also protect residents and economies from the effects of climate change.

Canada in a Changing Climate: Advancing our Knowledge for Action

  • Canada in a Changing Climate: Advancing our Knowledge for Action is the national assessment of how and why Canada’s climate is changing; the impacts of these changes on our communities, environment, and economy; and how we are adapting.


Climate Risk Institute

  • OCCIAR has recently morphed into the Climate Risk Institute. This transformation includes adoption of all past and current OCCIAR resources, tools and most importantly, staff. CRI will deliver a mandate similar to OCCIAR with an expanded focus on implementation of adaptation tools and capacity building.
  • Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources (OCCIAR): is a university-based resource hub for researchers and stakeholders searching for information on climate change impacts and adaptation. The centre communicates the latest research on climate change impacts and adaptation; liaises with partners across Canada to encourage adaptation to climate change and aids in the development of tools to assist with municipal adaptation. portal

Canadian Centre for Climate Services

  • Library of climate resources: Datasets, tools, guidance and related resources.
  • Climate information basics: Climate change concepts, trends, role of climate information in decision-making.
  • Climate Services Support Desk: 1-833-517-0376 Get help from our climate experts to find, understand and use climate information.
  • Display and download climate data: View selected climate datasets on maps or download data.

Ecohealth Ontario

  • EcoHealth Ontario (EHO) is a collaborative of professionals in the fields of public health, medicine, education, planning and the environment. We are working together to increase our understanding of the relationships between environment and health with the aim of finding ways to increase the quality and diversity of the urban and rural spaces in which we live
  • EcoHealth Ontario's goal is to develop new collaborations among the human health, social and environmental sectors and build a common agenda to foster improved health and well being outcomes for Ontarians through the provision of better ecosystem quality, increased green space and enhanced access to nature.

Grey Bruce Sustainability Network

  • The GBSusNet was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation, without share capital, on March 23rd, 2009, with the following objectives:
    • The establishment and operation of an organization to build a network of individuals and organizations in Grey and Bruce Counties, and beyond, for the purpose of:
    • Fostering the development of sustainable communities;
    • Fostering collaborative relationships that increase capacity to deliver environmental and community sustainability programs;
    • Researching, promoting and implementing solutions to local sustainability issues and other complementary purposes not inconsistent with these objectives.
  • NETWORKING – GBSusNet will develop a virtual communications hub that will function as an information clearinghouse to keep everyone with an interest in sustainability informed and linked.

United Nations Partnerships For The Sustainable Development Goals

  • Global Registry Of Voluntary Commitments & Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships
  • Tree Challenge
  • The Partnerships for SDGs online platform is United Nations’ global registry of voluntary commitments and multi-stakeholder partnerships made in support of sustainable development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Partnerships for SDGs platform also facilitates the sharing knowledge and expertise among multi-stakeholder SDG-related partnerships and voluntary commitments, and for providing periodic updates on their progress.
  • The Partnership for SDGs platform is open to all stakeholders, including Member States, civil society, local authorities, private sector, scientific and technological community, academia, and others, to register a voluntary commitment or multi-stakeholder partnership which aims to drive the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to provide periodic updates on progress.

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