Boil Water Advisories or Orders, and Drinking Water Advisories

Boil Water Advisory (BWA)

Boil Water Advisories are public announcements issued when conditions indicate that the water is not safe for consumption unless treated. Examples of such conditions are biological contamination, loss of disinfection, loss of pressure in the system, or illness linked to the water system. Click the link below for the fact sheets on how to use water safely during a BWA.


Boil Water Order (BWO)

Boil Water Orders are issued by the Health Unit when required, to protect the health of the water system users. The water can be used in the same manner as during a BWA.


Drinking Water Advisory (DWA)

Drinking Water Advisories are issued for adverse conditions when boiling or otherwise disinfecting the water will not render it safe for consumption, e.g. chemical contamination. Specific information regarding the water system will be provided to the water system users in these cases.


Conditions for Rescinding a BWA, BWO, or DWA

BWAs, BWOs and DWAs are lifted by the responsible authority when the water is considered safe and no longer poses a threat to public health.

Please see the fact sheets or contact the Health Unit for more information.


Fact Sheets



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