PLAY in Bruce Grey!


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  • PLAY in Bruce Grey is the physical activity strategy for Grey and Bruce counties. This initiative encourages all residents to join the physical activity movement and make physical activity an important part of every day.
  • Funding was received from the Ministry of Health Promotion under the Active 2010 Strategy to develop a physical strategy for Bruce Grey.
  • In 2006-2007 a partnership was formed between the 17 municipalities, two counties, two school boards, the YMCA and the Grey Bruce Health Unit. 
  • The physical activity strategy was launched on June 13, 2007 with municipalities signing a PLAY Charter and affirming their commitment to become a “play friendly” community. Silken Laumann was the keynote speaker and organized play games for the children.
  • Community PLAY Networks help support the initiative in local municipalities.
  • Two marquee events – the Longest Day of PLAY (June 21st) and Family Day of PLAY are held each year



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