Stepping Out On the Bruce Trail Challenge

  • Stepping Out On the Bruce Trail is a computer program that allows you to take a virtual walk on the Bruce Trail while using a pedometer.
  • As you add steps to your day, the CD tracks your progress and provides additional information about the scenic Bruce Trail.
  • Stepping Out on the Bruce Trail software is available in all local libraries and by contacting Public Health.
  • The goal of the program is help motivate people to be active and to have fun.
  • All you need is four people to form a team, lots of energy, a team name, a competitive spirit and pedometers.
  • The challenge can be completed as part of a worksite or a community activity.
  • The program is part of a strategy being developed by communities in Grey Bruce to encourage people to be active year round.


  • Each team will need to enter their team in the program’s software for the program to run and provide feedback of their journey.  
  • The team captain ensures the daily steps of team members are entered and submits the team’s total to the worksite contact. The worksite contact will keep a master list of all the teams’ weekly totals.
  • You start your journey along Canada’s oldest and longest footpath at Brock’s Monument, Queenston and travel to Tobermory at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula.  As you add your daily pedometer steps, you can read where you are on the trail and view photos as you walk.
  • Each team member can follow the team’s progress along the trail (by checking the software).  The main trail is approximately 840 km. You will be taking 1,050,000 steps to complete the journey (10,000 steps = 8 km).
  • The worksite provides appropriate incentives for their employees as they progress along the trail.  For example:
    • ­team spirit
    • the highest stepper
    • the most improved stepper
    • first team to reach Tobermory


The software has a certificate that can be printed for all participants.

  • The Stepping Out software includes information on pedometers and walking to get you started on your journey.
  • A great way to increase steps is to have a walking route at your worksite or neighbourhood with the number of steps to complete the route posted.
  • Each week can have a special theme:

Week 1            Winter Active/Summer Active

Week 2            Participate Don’t Hibernate

Week 3            Healthy Hearts

Week 4            Tobermory or Bust


Bonus Steps

You can accumulate bonus steps for participating in resistance training, bicycling and swimming.


  • To calculate your bonus steps first determine the number of steps that you walk in 10 minutes.  (Reset your pedometer to zero and walk 10 minutes and then record this number.)
  • For every 10 minutes of activity at a moderate intensity add the number of steps that you take in 10 minutes to your overall walking step total.
  • If your 10 minute step count is 1,000 then 20 minutes of continuous cycling at a moderate pace will provide an additional 2,000 steps.


When starting a walking program it is important to start slowly and gradually increase your number of steps per day over a number of weeks.

To be active, the goal is 10,000 steps per day for healthy adults.

For listings of outdoor activities in Grey and Bruce Counties visit Grey County Tourism and Bruce County Tourism.

Let’s make our workplace and community a healthier place to work and to live.

One step at a time!

This is a computer-based challenge and the minimum computer requirements to allow the program to run are as follows:


To download these files, right-click on the link and select "Save Target As..." (or its equivalent for your web browser) from the popup menu.

PC version  (55.4 MB) – PC with Windows XP  -- Pentium III, 256 Meg RAM, 17” monitor recommended.

Mac version  (54.9 MB) – Mac G3+, Mac OS X 10.2+, 256 Meg RAM, 17” monitor recommended.

QuickTime (link to latest version) - (also included on the CD) must be installed to view the Panoramic Movies.


Software Instructions PDF Document  (26 KB)  (Note: In Step #1, you will be extracting the zip file version of the software into the appropriate folder, instead of copying the software from the CD.) 



The software file is quite large and may take several minutes to download, therefore, a high speed internet connection is recommended for downloading.

This software is also available on CD at all local Grey and Bruce libraries and from Public Health.


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