Prevalence of Use


Youth smoking

Cannabis use prevalence rates are highest among youth and young adults (MLHU, 2016).

Results from the Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey (Boak, et al., 2015) represent 10,426 students from 220 schools in grades 7-12, and their cannabis use.

  • 21.3% of students report using cannabis at least once during the 12 months before the survey, representing about 203,900
  • Males (22.0%) and females (20.5%) are equally likely to use cannabis;
  • Use significantly increases with grade, to a high of 37.2% among 12th graders;
  • There are no significant regional differences.


Daily Cannabis Use

About 2.1% use cannabis on a daily basis, representing about 20,000 students. There is no significant difference between males (2.3%) and females (1.9%).


Cannabis Dependence (Grade 9-12)

About 2.2% report symptoms of cannabis dependence, representing about 14,900 high school students in Ontario.


Review the Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey for further information.



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Middlesex-London Health Unit (2016). Cannabis: A Public Health Approach. London, Ontario: Author.


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