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Terrific Toddlers


The toddler years can be challenging ones (and sometimes frustrating), both for parents and children.


Toddlers learn by doing and lots of things, including parents, get in their way. Toddlers do the same things over and over, even after they’ve been told not to. Be patient with your toddler. You will need to teach him the rules again and again and remind him over and over when he forgets.


Your toddler is not trying to drive you crazy so don’t take his behaviour personally.


Here are some ways to make life with a toddler easier and more enjoyable:

 ● Know what your toddler should be doing at this age.

● Make things fun! Often, the best way to get a toddler to do something is to make a game of it. 

● Distract often! If your child is doing something you don’t like, give him something else to do. 

● Give lots of encouragement and approval! Tell him when he does things you like. 

● Notice when he tries new things.

● Teach him the rules! Keep them simple, repeat them often, and stick to them firmly and patiently. 

● Give toddlers safe places to play and explore! This removes temptations, and saves you from saying "no" all the time. 

● Stay close to keep an eye on him and help him before he gets too frustrated. 

And lastly… 

● Take care of yourself.  Parents who feel rested and good about themselves will have the energy, patience and humour to enjoy their busy toddlers!



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