* Vaccine Information and Clinic Schedule

* Children, Youth and COVID-19 Vaccines                        

* Third Dose Vaccine Rollout in Grey Bruce for Certain Immunocompromised Patients

* Proof of Vaccination in Select Settings

Electronic/Printable Vaccine Receipt

* Ontario is currently in Step Three of the Roadmap to Reopen

* The Grey Bruce IPAC Hub, as part of a Ministry of Health initiative, has officially made their webpage public. The hub provides IPAC expertise and support to congregate living organizations in the Grey Bruce area. Find the page here: https://www.publichealthgreybruce.on.ca/Your-Health/Infectious-Diseases/Grey-Bruce-IPAC-Hub

* Sexual health clinics are closed temporarily. If you need birth control prescriptions or STI testing, go to nearest emergency room. For condoms, visit our office during regular hours.

Toddler Self-Esteem


Encouragement, building your child’s confidence and feelings of worth:

  • focus on the strengths of your children
  • focus on what’s good about the situation
  • accept your children as they are
  • have faith in your children
  • let them know their worth (recognize their efforts)
  • respect your children
  • praise for things well done (encourage efforts, improvements)
  • have realistic expectations
  • avoid comparing
  • avoid encouraging competition


Encouraging words:

  • "I like the way you…"
  • "I know you can…"
  • "I appreciate that you…"
  • "It looks like you worked very hard…"
  • "You’re improving."





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