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Antiviral Medications for Treatment of Influenza

Q & A - Antiviral Medications for Influenza: Information for Health Care Providers, 2019

Influenza Outbreak Management


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Influenza Vaccine

The best protection against influenza virus is immunization.  

Health care providers play an important role in preventing the spread of influenza and promoting the benefits of influenza vaccine.   

“To help prevent the spread of influenza, health care providers can:

  • receive influenza vaccine themselves to help prevent transmitting influenza to their patients
  • use every opportunity to administer the flu vaccine to people at risk, even after influenza activity has been documented in the community
  • discuss the risks and benefits of the flu vaccine with patients, as well as the risks of not being vaccinated
  • teach patients about public health measures to reduce and prevent the spread of influenza and COVID-19
  • inform patients that symptoms of influenza and COVID-19 are similar and what to do if they start to develop symptoms”*

Reference: Public Health Agency of Canada retrieved September 27, 2021


Statement of Seasonal Influenza Vaccine


Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care Recommendations:

Health Care Provider Qs & As: Information for the 2021/2022 Influenza Season (


Influenza Vaccine Product Monographs


Influenza Immunization Reporting

Healthcare worker influenza immunization rates are to be reported by December 15th each year.  The information is reported directly to the Ministry.


Adverse Effects Following Immunizations(AEFI):

Adverse Effects Following Immunizations(AEFI) Reporting Form


Educational Resources:






Pandemic Planning


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