Ticks and Lyme Disease for Healthcare Professionals


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Under the Health Protection and Promotion Act all cases of Lyme disease are required to be reported to Public Health; including clinically diagnosed cases.  To report a case of Lyme disease to the Grey Bruce Health Unit, please call the Infectious Diseases Program at 519-376-9420.


Local Tick Surveillance

The Grey Bruce Health Unit operates a tick surveillance program in order to monitor trends in Lyme disease vector prevalence and thereby potential risks associated with locally acquired disease. Currently the program consists of passive surveillance for tick species of concern/interest based on ticks sourced from humans and from animals from participating veterinary clinics.

Healthcare Professionals can assist us with our local surveillance program by notifying us when you submit a tick to Public Health Ontario Lab (PHOL) and sharing with us the results. By providing this information you will be contributing to important local Lyme disease surveillance activities.


Note:  PHOL does not share tick identification results with GBHU when submitted by Healthcare professionals.

Public Health Ontario Surveillance Form for Tick Submission

Ticks Surveillance Jan-June 2017


Ontario Lyme disease Surveillance

Ontario Lyme disease estimated risk areas map


Clinical Manifestations, Prophylaxis, Testing and Treatment

Health Canada: For healthcare professionals - Lyme disease

Clinical Guidance Document: Management of TIck Bites and Investigation of Early Localized Lyme Disease


Additional Resources

Public Health Ontario: Lyme disease

Public Health Ontario Technical Report: Update on Lyme disease Prevention and Control 2nd Edition


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