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The Grey Bruce Public Health Unit, in conjunction with the Perth District Heath Unit, is doing a media campaign that will highlight local quit smoking stories.  The goal of this campaign is to increase quit smoking attempts by engaging smokers and previous tobacco users to think about their tobacco use and quitting.

The campaign will potentially use posters, palm cards, videos, social media channels, website, and media outlets. The health unit encourages individuals to submit their quit story and follow the @MyQuitMoment twitter account to link to others’ quit smoking stories and supports to stop using tobacco.


Thank you for your willingness to talk about your story of your quit moment.

We want to know as much about your situation, your story as possible, but please feel free to not answer anything you are not comfortable with.

Below is a list of some suggested questions that might assist in preparing a submission. You can use this guideline to help you write your story. All of the points do not need to be covered. Just include what you feel comfortable with sharing. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to our campaign.


Participant Questions

  • When did you start smoking? What were your reasons for starting?
  • How did smoking impact your well-being? When did you start thinking about quitting? Please describe.
  • Please describe the moment when you made the decision to quit smoking
  • How did you quit smoking? What worked and what didn’t? (example, nicotine replacement therapy, “cold turkey” one-on-one or group counselling, online quit smoking program, family support, etc).
  • How has your life changed since quitting smoking?
  • Do you have advice for other people who are thinking about quitting?


Consent to Participate

I agree to participate in the My Quit Moment media campaign and consent for the Health Unit to use stories, photographs and/or videos of myself as needed for this campaign, for such purposes as posters, displays, websites, social media channels (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), in newspapers and other media outlets.

I understand that my story may be used in part, or in its entirety.

I understand that any third-party information I include in my submission, such as names of other people, will be removed.

Please note that based on the number of submissions received, not all submissions will be used.

If your submission is used for this campaign, your story can be removed the Grey Bruce Public Health Unit’s website at any time, upon your request. Once your story has been used in a print format, it cannot be withdrawn.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the project lead Lee Fawcett at 519-376-9420 ext 1451 or


If you have read and understood the information above and would like to submit your story, please use the link below.

Submit Your Story (Email your story to us using your default program)

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