Nicotine is the addictive substance in tobacco that is very powerful and results in both psychological and physiological needs. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain the results in feelings of pleasure, and is released when nicotine is consumed. Typically, as time progresses, an individual’s need for nicotine increases to produce the same levels of satisfaction, this is nicotine dependence (RNAO, 2007)

Quitting tobacco can be one of the hardest things to do, however one of the greatest ways to enhance quality of life. Studies indicate that it can take someone up to 30 attempts to quit tobacco successfully (OTRU, 2017). Quitting is a journey that involves changes in lifestyle, values, social circles, thinking and feeling patterns, and coping skills (RNAO, 2007). Support is available both locally and provincial/federally to clients and healthcare and social service providers, interested in tobacco cessation for themselves or their clients.


It takes multiple attempts to quit smoking. Don’t quit trying. Get tools and tips to help you quit at www.ontario.ca/quitsmoking.



Smokers helpline


Smokers’ Helpline

  • Free information and support by phone, online, and text messaging.
  • Tips and tools to help you quit using tobacco.
  • Professional, non-judgmental Quit Specialists.



Resources to help you quit

Studies show that it may take up to 30 quit attempts for you to stop smoking for good. Preparing yourself and thinking through your smoking triggers is important. Don’t give up!


Where to access free or low cost quitting medications:

  • OHIP+ provides help to quit smoking if you are aged 24 and under and have no private insurance.
  • The Ontario drug benefit program covers some quit smoking prescription medications.
  • Non-insured health benefits program for first nations and Inuit (a prescription from a healthcare provider is required).
  • Ottawa model for smoking cessation community program: For Ontarians who want to quit smoking but are not enrolled with a health care provider or cannot easily access smoking cessation support. Eligible participants will receive a consultation, follow-up support, and nicotine replacement therapy vouchers. Call 1-888-645-5405 and leave your contact information on the voicemail. A nicotine addiction specialist will get back to you within 2 business days! Eligible participants can receive 6 weeks of nicotine replacement therapy in the mail.
  • STOP on the net: an online research program designed to support individuals 18 years of age and older in an attempt to quit smoking. Eligible participants are mailed 4 boxes of nicotine patches and 2 boxes of gum or lozenges.
  • STOP on the road program: Talk to your healthcare provider to see if you are eligible to join the program. You must be an ontario resident who currently smokes cigarettes or recently quit. This program offers quitting support and up to 26 weeks of nicotine replacement therapy. Note that some family health teams in the Grey Bruce/Saugeen Peninsula region are able to offer services to non-rostered clients. See details or call sites for more information about who can register:
  • Brockton Family Health Team

Services + programs | Brockton and area Family Health Team (bafht.com)

Anyone 18 and older in grey bruce/saugeen peninsula region programs@bafht.com for more information.

  • Hanover Family Health Team

Hanover Family Health Team, Hanover Ontario Canada (hanoverfht.ca)

Patients of the Hanover Family Health Team may call 519-506-hfht (4348) or toll free 1-855-677-4348

  • Kincardine Family Health Team

Kincardine Family Health Team | Facebook

For more information, call 519-396-2700

  • North Huron Family Health Team

North Huron Family Health Team - Lucknow site
Lucknow medical centre, 691 Havelock St, Lucknow, On, N0G 2H0

North Huron Family Health Team - Teeswater site
Teeswater clinic, 2 Janet St S, Teeswater, on, N0G 2S0

  • Owen Sound Family Health Team

Program: lung health - Owen Sound Family Health Team (osfht.ca)

Patients of the Owen Sound Family Health Team can call 519-470-3030 extension 132

  • Peninsula Family Health Team

For more information, call 519- 793-3445

  • Sauble Family Health Team

For more information, call 519- 422-1321

Smoking cessation - Sauble Family Health Team

  • South East Grey Community Health Centre

Tel: 519-986-2222  Toll Free: 1-855-519-2220

Anyone who resides in municipalities of Grey Highlands, Chatsworth, and Southgate can access quitting support and free nicotine replacement products.

South East Grey Community Health Centre


Self-help Resources


Resources for Moms


Partner support

A partner can be a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, family member, friend or anyone close to the pregnant woman or new mom. A partner is someone who cares about her and supports her.

Resources for Providers

You can make it happen

You can make it happen is a website designed for healthcare providers to access resources and information on best practices related to tobacco use. All clients should be screened using the 5 a's and offered appropriate resources based on their stage of change.



Pregnets – Prevention of Gestational and Neonatal Exposure to Tobacco Smoke (PREGNETS) provides information, resources and support to healthcare providers.


Grey Bruce Community of Practice for Tobacco Cessation



Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario. (2007). Integrating Smoking Cessation into Daily Nursing Practice (Revised). Toronto, Canada: Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario.

The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit. (2017). Quitting Smoking in Ontario. Retrieved from http://otru.org/quitting-smoking-in-ontario/ March 13, 2017.



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