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Check-It! Online Disclosure has Expanded

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Check-It! Online Disclosure has Expanded

The Grey Bruce Health Unit has expanded its Check It! online disclosure system to include food premises, pools, hot tubs, personal service settings, children’s recreational camps, small drinking water systems and tanning facilities.

Operators are required to post a card informing the public that inspection results are available through Check It! Look for the Check It! sign. The QR code and website on the sign link to inspection reports.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care implemented changes to several regulations in July 2018. Guiding principles included greater transparency, awareness, education, training and certification. The transparency of an open and accountable public health system supports making informed decisions and open communication between owners and operators of facilities, public health and those using the services.

Click here to visit the online disclosure program:


Attachment (See Below): Check It Inspection Report sign


For More Information:

Angela Newman

Public Health Manager

519-376-9420 or 1800-263-3456, ext. 1252

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