Monitored Public Beaches


Check the following to make sure it is safe:

Has there been heavy rain in the last 24 to 48 hours?
If yes, bacterial levels will be higher and swimming is not recommended.

Are the waves and currents safe?

Rip currents, undertows and heavy wave action increase risk to swimmers. Signs, websites, written material, etc., may give more information and indicate the presence of these risks

Is the water cloudy?
If you can’t see your feet at adult's waist depth, bacterial levels may be higher and swimming is not recommended.

Are there any other problems with the beach?
Large numbers of waterfowl, dead fish, algae/scum, dangerous debris, Municipal or Health Unit warnings/postings all indicate increased health risk.


Latest Test Results

Public BeachLocationTest ResultDate TestedPostedNote
Station Park BeachKincardine18 CFU/100 mL8/8/2017No 
Little River ParkBlue Mountains13 CFU/100 mL8/21/2017No 
NorthwindsBlue Mountains13 CFU/100 mL8/21/2017No 
Port Elgin Main BeachPort Elgin10 CFU/100 mL8/28/2017No 
Port Elgin Gobles GrovePort Elgin13 CFU/100 mL8/28/2017No 
Sauble BeachSouth Bruce Peninsula13 CFU/100 mL8/8/2017No 
Singing SandsNorthern Bruce Peninsula192 CFU/100 mL8/22/2017No 
Southampton BeachSouthampton76 CFU/100 mL8/22/2017No 



Results are shown as CFU (Colony Forming Units) of E. coli bacteria per 100 mL of water. The results are based on a geometric mean (typical value) of at least 5 locations taken on the same sample date. Health Canada has set limits for a single sample of ≤ 400 CFU/100 mL and ≤ 200 CFU/100 mL for its long term average. The risk to your health increases as the number increases

Ontario Parks also sample the beaches at Inverhuron and MacGregor Point Provincial Parks. Further information can be found at the following links.


A beach is posted when there is evidence of an increased risk to health and safety of its users. 

For more information regarding the monitoring of public bathing beaches, please contact the Health Unit at 376-9420, 1-800-263-3456.

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