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The Grey Bruce Health Unit wants to share personal stories that highlight the breastfeeding experience.

We want to hear from breastfeeding mothers as well as from the perspective of their partners, friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone who feels they have something they can offer to this community conversation.

We are looking for submissions that tell your story in the form of personal narratives, poetry, prose, or visually through art and photographs. Photos or art may be submitted as stand-alone or in conjunction with a written submission. Written submission can be any length up to 1000 words.

We want to showcase how breastfeeding moms in Grey Bruce have been supported to breastfeed. We want to hear from everyone; breastfeeding mothers, their partners, friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone in the community.

Below is a list of some of the areas of suggested content that might assist in preparing a submission. You can use this guideline to help you write your story. All of the points do not need to be covered. Just include what you feel comfortable with sharing. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to our campaign and the creation of a breastfeeding friendly culture in Grey Bruce!

Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself

  • Name
  • Where you live (i.e. Owen Sound)
  • Number of children, or as a support person the number of grandchildren, nieces, or nephews and their ages
  • Role: Are you a partner, grandparent, friend, etc. of a breastfeeding mother?

Did you or are you breastfeeding your children? If you are no longer breastfeeding, how long did you breastfeed?

Why is breastfeeding important to you?

  • Examples could include:
    • Was it because your mother/aunts/friends breastfed?
    • Was it related to something you learned about the importance of breastfeeding for babies, mothers, families, and communities?

Tell us about a time when you were encouraged or supported/or provided encouragement and support.

  • What happened?
  • What challenges were you facing (e.g. learning how to breastfeed, trouble shooting, breastfeeding while looking after other children, keeping up with stuff around the house, returning to work or school, etc.)?
  • Who helped and how did they help?
  • Who did you encourage/support to breastfeed (e.g. your partner, friend, daughter)?

How did it make you feel to be supported/encouraged to breastfeed? How did it make you feel to be able to encourage and support a breastfeeding mom?

Do you think breastfeeding in public is accepted in Grey Bruce?

What would you say to people who discourage mothers from breastfeeding? 

  • Would you advise them to encourage moms to breastfeeding instead?
  • Why would you encourage them?
  • Any other ideas of how support people could support breastfeeding mothers?

Submissions will be received until October 28 2016.

Submission are reviewed and, if accepted, will be used on our website and social media to support the community conversation around breastfeeding.

Please read our permission to use and then click the link below to submit your story.


Permission to use Pictures and Written Content

By making this submission, I allow the Grey Bruce Health Unit to use, make public and copy the submitted images and written content for:

  • teaching purposes
  • messaging purposes, and
  • any other purpose the Grey Bruce Health Unit, in its good judgment, sees fit.


I am aware this material may be copied and used outside of Grey and Bruce Counties.

I understand that the Grey Bruce Health Unit commits to only using images/recordings in a respectful manner. I will not hold the Grey Bruce Health Unit, or anyone acting on their behalf, responsible for any damages that I may suffer as a result of the future use, misuse or modification of the image/submission, whether intended or not and whether appropriate or not.

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