Motor Skill Development


The Early Years: A Critical Time for Motor Skill Development

Early Development Instrument (EDI) measurements show that children in Grey Bruce are consistently more likely than Ontario children to score as vulnerable in the Physical Health and Well Being domain. This includes fine and gross motor skill development. Vulnerability means children are struggling and therefore, at risk of encountering difficulties in the school years and beyond. Factors that contribute to motor skill development include: physical activity, the role of play, stimulating social and physical environments, instructional approaches and societal influences.

Call to Action

Development of a Call-to-Action Paper

Key stakeholders developed a Call to Action – Developing Skills for Learning: Foundations of Motor Skill Development of Children in Grey Bruce to promote early child development in order to meet milestones for school readiness. The paper examines trends in developmental patterns and presents collaborative recommendations for mitigating existing and future developmental disparities.  


A Summary of a Call-to-Action Paper

Poster Presentation: Utilizing a Collaborative Approach to Strengthen Community Action

Call-to-Action Paper

Parent Handouts:

Movement for Learning: Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Movement for Learning: Meals and Snacks


Collaboration for Action  

Collaborative action is required in order to create supportive, nurturing environments for all children to learn the fundamental motor skills necessary for school readiness. The Call-to-Action presents evidence based strategies for collaborative committees and community partners in all sectors.


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