Falls Across the Lifespan

Falls Across the Lifespan

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Call to Action: Working Collectively to Prevent Falls Across the Lifespan


Falls and fall-related injuries cost Ontario $2.8 billion per year1. It is often thought that falls are only a problem for older adults, however falls occur in all age groups and can be severe causing injury and even death. Emergency room data shows that regardless of age Grey Bruce residents have a 72% higher rate of falling compared to the Ontario average, with fall rates among 15 to 24 year olds 124% higher. Risk factors for falls are complex and numerous, they change with age and development. Factors that impact falls include biological, behavioural, socioeconomic and environmental factors.  


Fall risk is reduced when individuals have adequate nutrition, are physically active and live in safe homes.


Injuries in Grey Bruce: Falls

Falls in Grey Bruce


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Preventing Falls in Children

Falls are a normal part of childhood development as they learn to run, climb, play and explore their surroundings. Falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits due to injury in those aged 0 to 14.

Falls in children – Parachute


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