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The following table lists the outbreaks that are either currently occurring or recently declared over at facilities in the Grey Bruce area. 

The facilities in this table include:

  • Long-Term Care Homes (LTCH)
  • Retirement Homes (RH)
  • Hospitals (H)
  • Child Care (CC)
  • Schools (S)


Professional Resources - Outbreak Management

Facility Influenza Immunization Rates as of January 15, 2020

Date Formats (mm/dd/yyyy)

Facility NameLocationOutbreak TypeAgent IdentifiedDate DeclaredDeclared Over
Rockwood Terrace (LTCH)DurhamRespiratoryCOVID-1912/23/2021 
Lee Manor (LTCH) - Unit 2 SouthOwen SoundRespiratorySeasonal Coronavirus12/27/20211/14/2022
The Village Seniors Long-Term Care (LTCH)HanoverRespiratorySeasonal Coronavirus, RSV1/3/2022 
Pinecrest Manor (LTCH)LucknowRespiratoryCOVID-191/3/2022 
Grey Bruce Health Services - Owen Sound Site , 6-2 (H)Owen SoundRespiratoryCOVID-191/3/20221/17/2022
Errinrung Residence (LTCH)ThornburyRespiratoryCOVID-191/4/2022 
McVean Lodge (RH)HanoverRespiratoryCOVID-191/5/2022 
Rosewood R-Villa (RH)RipleyRespiratoryCOVID-191/8/2022 
Parkview Manor (LTCH)ChesleyRespiratoryCOVID-191/8/2022 
Maple View (LTCH)Owen SoundRespiratoryCOVID-191/9/2022 
Maple Court Villa (RH)WalkertonRespiratoryCOVID-191/10/2022 
Grey Gables (LTCH)MarkdaleRespiratoryCOVID-191/9/2022 
Lee Manor (NH) 3 SouthOwen SoundRespiratoryCOVID-191/9/2022 
Summit Place (LTCH)Owen SoundRespiratoryCOVID-191/13/2022 
Gateway Haven (LTCH)WiartonRespiratoryPending1/16/2022 

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 ** Seasonal Coronavirus is one of many agents that cause the common cold and related respiratory tract infections that occur annually in Canada; it is distinct from the novel coronavirus, which is now known as COVID-19.


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