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The following table lists the outbreaks that are either currently occurring or recently declared over at facilities in the Grey Bruce area. 

The facilities in this table include:

  • Nursing Homes (NH)
  • Homes for the Aged (HFA)
  • Retirement Homes (RH)
  • Hospitals (H)
  • Daycares (D)


Professional Resources - Outbreak Management

Influenza Immunization Rates for Facilities (as of December 2018)

Date Formats (mm/dd/yyyy)

Facility NameLocationOutbreak TypeAgent IdentifiedDate DeclaredDeclared Over
Lee Manor (HFA)Owen SoundRespiratoryInfluenza A, RSV12/28/2018 
Kelso Villa Retirement (RH)Owen SoundRespiratoryInfluenza A, RSV12/31/2018 
Gateway Haven (HFA)WiartonRespiratoryRSV1/3/2019 
Summit Place LTC (NH)Owen SoundRespiratoryRSV1/10/2019 
Pinecrest Manor (NH)LucknowRespiratoryRSV1/15/2019 
Brucelea Haevn (3S) (HFA)WalkertonRespiratoryRSV1/16/2019 

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