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Sarah Lake's Story

I am so damn proud of myself to even think that I would have ever made it this far into my sobriety! 
It feels SO amazing to feel healthy and happy with my life again! It also feels amazing knowing that I have my family back in my life and to be told all of the time that they are super proud of me and that they are happy that I am not going back.

Rise Up - My Addiction Story

February 11/ 2013, was the day that changed my life. I was a member of 4 platoon in Bravo Company with 1RCR. (1st Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment). Our company had gone on exercise the week before. My platoon was in the LAV barn doing vehicle maintenance. I was on top of a LAV (light armoured vehicle), lifting part of the main gun down into the turret. As I was doing this, I felt something pop in my back and suddenly experienced some of the worst pain of my entire life. It was all I could do to not drop the part I was lifting on top my platoon mates head in the turret. All the guys around me knew something was seriously wrong. My section commander told me to see my Warrant and then go to the base hospital, which I did.


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