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How we teach about food, and whether or not we role model a healthy relationship with food, is more important than what we teach. Online course available:

Food and Body Talk: The Power of Language to Shape Children’s Mental Health - Nutrition Connections.  This course is designed for educators and health professionals to raise their awareness of the negative impact that normalized language about food and bodies can have on the mental health of children and youth and offers practical tips to foster both physical and mental well-being.


BounceBack: A free, evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) program that offers guided mental health self-help supports for adults and youth 15+ using workbooks, online videos and phone coaching. Call 1-866-345-0224.


The Women’s Centre (Grey & Bruce): Provides essential services to women and children fleeing abuse and violence. For immediate assistance contact the Crisis Help Line 519-371-1600 or 1-800-265-3722. To TEXT contact 226-974-0755.


Canadian Coalition for Seniors Mental Health: promotes the mental health of seniors by connecting people, ideas and resources.


Big White Wall - Safe, judgement-free place to talk about anxiety and depression.  Includes online forums, clinical support, courses, and web based therapy



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